A Few Clients Reflect On Their Success.

Margo’s experience and knowledge have been invaluable to our family. She has a thorough, non-judgmental approach and I left our first appointment with new inspiration, recipes, and tools to make significant improvements to our family’s diet. Margo was the key to us getting a celiac diagnosis for both of our young children (who had few-to-no symptoms); since then she has helped me create a gluten-free kitchen and equipped me with information and recipes to minimize any added stress. She has my highest recommendation!
— Kristy, Mother

Margo’s work with me was transformative. She helped me discover the food allergies and sensitivities that were aggravating my symptoms and supported me in updating my eating habits to better care for my body. Her work has kept my ulcerative colitis in remission for a year without medication, and helped me address mysterious and scary symptoms. She kept my treatment regimen safe for my nursing baby. Thanks Margo!
— Carly, LCSW

Margo gave me back the life I once had. I have lost 30 pounds, almost to my goal weight and size.
— Elizabeth, Physical Therapist

I am a 77-year old woman who discovered that I had a type of cancer called CLL and severe arthritis of the back. I contacted Margo to see if nutrition could help my condition. In fact, she found several indicators in my blood work that suggested improved nutrition might help. For several years now, I have successfully used nutritional care to manage my arthritis pain and the elevated white blood cell count which is one of the hallmarks of my cancer. My quality of life is better and my pain is much more manageable. I can exercise and do my volunteer work again. Changing my diet was worth the effort – my cholesterol came down without medication. As my oncologist has watched my white blood cell count recover and stabilize he has discharged me from regular visits and has just let my primary care doctor take over the monitoring of my white blood cells. So far I have not needed cancer treatment but when I was first diagnosed I was quickly getting worse and my oncologist told me I would continue to get worse and eventually need treatment. When I go off my diet my white blood cell count increases and my arthritis pain worsens. When I get back on the diet and stay on it, everything improves.
— Nancy
Margo has been and still is a great help to me. I first consulted with Margo concerning joint pain in my shoulders and lower back that was disturbing my sleep. My doctor said surgery could not help with my pain, only pain medication, which caused side effects. I was also warned by my primary care doctor that I was pre-diabetic and well on my way to type 2 diabetes. Margo suggested a regime to nourish the tissue in my joints, and heal my injury and arthritis. After 3 months I was sleeping through the night without any pain. My pain level had gone from a 9 (with 10 being the worst) to a 1. I actually xeriscaped my whole yard by myself, which would have never been possible before. Margo also gave me a personal, easy to follow eating plan and had me increase my existing walking program that allowed me to lose a steady 5-6 pounds a month. I have followed this personalized plan for over 5 years, which has allowed me to maintain my 30 pound weight loss. As long as I follow my plan at home, when traveling or when eating in restaurants, my weight stays in the healthy range. After starting Margo’s program, my primary doctor told me to stop my blood pressure pills and that my blood sugar levels have improved where I continue to avoid type 2 diabetes. I am an active 86-year-old man. People assume I am in my 70s and are surprised by my energy.
— Don

I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a mastectomy and four rounds of chemotherapy. I am so grateful to Margo for being a part of my complementary alternative therapy team! She provided supplement and nutrition advice to keep me strong and functioning, kept an eye on my labs, followed up regularly, and genuinely cared about my recovery and well-being. I imagine my journey with cancer would have been quite different if not for Margo’s knowledge, input, and caring nature.
— Juli, Yoga Teacher

I had been struggling with chronic fatigue for 7 years. Life was a daily struggle. Working with Margo brought my life back. Margo has a knowledge base that looks at the whole picture and is cutting edge. At first, I couldn’t believe that I felt better. I felt a change in 30 days with her nutritional support program. In 3 months, I felt a significant change in the quality of my life, emotions and physical endurance. I couldn’t believe it because I had tried everything out there that I could get my hands on! After 8 months, I feel like myself again.
— Sheryl

About six months ago I chose to have elective surgery done. My incisions were not healing, I developed an infection and my pain was unbearable. I contacted Margo and she put me on a nutrition program to promote healing and used homeopathic remedies to get control of the nerve pain. After several days of following the protocol, I started healing and my pain came under control. I hate to think about what might have happened if I hadn’t added in nutrition. I highly recommend to anyone considering surgery to get a nutrition program to promote healing AHEAD of time.
— Mindy

Wow! What can I say? Margo gave me even more than I ever could have expected! At the age of 46, I was working as a successful Elementary School Principal and “playing” as a competitive downhill and cross county mountain biker. After experiencing episodes of syncope (fainting spells with muscle weakness) dealing with needle like sensation in my arms, and other symptoms, I was soon diagnosed with Relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis. This was a difficult diagnosis to accept. I felt I was at a peak in my life and my doctor’s words “there is no cure” was a permanent picture in my mind. Not being one for traditional medicine, I began working with Margo. Her knowledge of integrative nutrition and how it relates to medicine is astounding. Margo initially did an extensive consultation with me. She then began to design a very comprehensive regimen to address not only my symptoms, but to also heal and regenerate the myelin. The regimen included diet and nutrition changes, specifically targeted supplements, and at times, she added homeopathic support as well. I never lacked support. Margo was always available to answer questions and provide emotional support. I learned more about MS from Margo than my own medical doctor. She checked in with me frequently and was always enthusiastic, knowledgeable and funny. She showed a unique sensitivity to what I was going through. I loved that about her. It is now three years later and I feel better than I have in 20 years. Not only did Margo’s nutritional approach improve my overall general health, it has allowed me to forget that I even have this disease. My husband often says to me, “ I forget you even have MS because you do so much and always feel good!” I am more active than ever, riding my bike, trail running and exercising regularly. If asked to describe myself and my life, I can now say that I am fulfilled, healthy, happy and complete. Who could want more than that?! MS is not part of my vocabulary anymore, thanks to Margo. If I could sum up what Margo did for me in just a few words: eternally grateful! I will employ her regime for the rest of my life as it has now become my life.
— Nicole, Elementary School Principal

I just wanted to tell you how incredibly grateful I am to have found you in Boulder. Sometimes I think about what would have happened if my physical therapist had never given me your name . . . what a different world it would have been. I owe so much of my health to your influence, but more importantly, it was through seeing you that set me on this amazing journey in the first place! I have learned so much about myself in the past two years and have met so many incredible people who I wouldn’t have met otherwise! It has been a pretty spectacular adventure. You are an incredible practitioner and thank you so much for taking the time and having the compassion to help me in the ways that you did.
— Elissa, Nutrition Student
I am a 32 year old woman with interstitial cystitis (IC). I went to see Margo about 3 years ago because the pain had just gotten out of control—even with the latest and greatest drug therapies. I even tried to follow the traditional diet for IC, which was challenging for me. Margo discovered that my electrolyte levels were so low from this diet that it was causing me to feel tired and have difficulty concentrating. She helped me find foods to control my IC and keep my electrolytes in balance. She also put me on a nutrition regime to heal the tissue in my intestinal tract and bladder lining. To this day my pain has decreased about 90%. We have added homeopathy to try to eliminate the pain altogether. Margo also referred me to a special physical therapist to help with the bladder pain as well and these approaches together have done more for me than any other interventions I have tried. My health and my life have completely changed.
— Sandy

I suddenly lost movement on the left side of my face. At first, the symptoms looked like a mild stroke but an MRI pointed to Bell’s Palsy. After it was confirmed, the doctors sent me home with anti-viral and anti–inflammatory medication. I refused to take the medication because it made me feel awful and made me gain weight. In the meanwhile I had contacted Margo and she immediately started me on a nutrition program for nerve support. Margo continually followed up and adjusted my protocol as necessary. Once I started her program my condition rapidly improved and all signs of Bell’s Palsy disappeared. I actually stayed on the program for a whole year because I was having some fatigue issues as well. At the end of the year I had my blood chemistry taken and everything was perfect and I felt great. I am a convert who strongly believes in taking charge of my health with natural interventions and preventive maintenance now. Margo is a highly dedicated professional who is constantly keeping up to date with the latest research and is passionate about helping her patients.
— Toni