I provide supportive nutritional classes to help you manage your health conditions.

I offer these classes at the Mandala Clinic but I am available to bring them to your group or business for a fee. The cost is $15 per person.

Practical Ways to Lose Weight: A Non-Diet Approach

If tracking calories and food is not for you, come and find out some easy solutions for eating healthier and losing weight without having to obssess about every little habit.

How to Support Your Teen with ADD/ADHD Through Food

Certain foods and patterns of eating can either worsen or help ADD/ADHD.  Come and find out more about what your kids should eat to help their brain function.

Eating to Manage High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and High Blood Sugar

Simple food swaps can make all the difference in how your body functions. Come and find out how to change out the ingredients in your meals to help with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood sugar.

How to Eat Healthy with Celiac’s Disease

Gluten free foods can be packed with sugar and refined grains that can cause weight gain, low energy and insulin resistance. Come and find out what healthy foods and healthy meals to incorporate, so you can eat a nutrient dense diet that heals your gut and nourishes your tissues.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Healthy Weight and Body Image

It may seem at times that the more you talk about healthy food, the more your kids choose the opposite. When it comes to weight and body image, your kids are listening and you want to make sure you are talking about health in a helpful manner. Find out positive ways to talk to your kids about healthy diet and lifestyle without triggering disordered eating habits, food fears, or obsession about body image.

Nutrition to Manage Depression and Anxiety

Research shows that what you eat can greatly affect your mood. Come and find out what foods help you feel relaxed and happy, and what foods may worsen anxiety and depression.

How to Eat NOW to Fend off Future Memory Loss

New research has shown that dementia can be reversed through nutrition and lifestyle.  Come and find out some simple changes that you can make now to prevent future memory loss. We will be discussing the work of several well-known researchers.

How to Eat a Balanced Vegetarian Diet

A plant-based diet has many health benefits, but people can get into nutritional trouble if this diet is not done right. Find out specific foods to incorporate to prevent nutrient deficiencies.

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